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Creating games and more.

MBC Game Studio was established in 2020 as the MBC Ad and Promo Department's way of adapting and responding to the challenges of the times.

The COVID-19 Pandemic spread throughout the Philippines and erased (entirely) our ability to conduct field and raffle promotions. With the main task of the Ad & Promo Department marginalized, leadership immediately assessed our current skillsets and work-at-home capacities to explore the best opportunities to become productive for the company. Individually and collectively.

As expected of dynamic individuals, everyone in the promo team had skills and knowledge beyond their main job descriptions. From the surprising knowledge of coding languages and Web Development to the uncanny ability to learn 3D software swiftly, we were able to form the team that produced MBC's first ever in-house developed endless runner game, Jackpot Runner.

2 games published on Android and IOS platforms and half-a-dozen game prototypes later, MBC Game Studio's games are on the rise and getting better and better.

MBC Ad & Promo Department

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